More teams means more trophies! Following the success of our Gozen, Hel and Oya rosters, we are proud to announce Luna, our all Women’s Rocket League Team, named after the Roman goddess of the Moon. 

Led by team captain Jaime "Karma" Bickford, (American), the most followed professional female Rocket League player worldwide, Carlee "Kiaa" Eichhorst (Canadian) and Gio  "Avenger"  Sy (Canadian) complete the star studded roster. G2 Luna will look to launch themselves into the stratosphere by rocketing their way to the top of the competitive rankings, embodying the origins and true spirit of their team name. 

Team Captain Jaime "Karma" Bickford says: “It’s no secret that I want to become the outright best Rocket League player in the world and being part of this team gives me the perfect platform to do that. It’s an honour for me to be named captain of this team, and I can't wait to lead us to victory after victory. It feels like we are at the start of something very special here at G2 and I’m excited for what the future holds - #LFG2”

Sabrina Ratih, COO of G2 Esports, comments: “Our newest Rocket League roster, Luna, marks our fourth all-female team to be announced in the last 12 months. It makes me immensely proud to see us leading the charge in creating role models and inspiration for the next generation. While ultimately working towards a mixed-team reality is our long-term goal, this announcement also represents our continued expansion into the North American market, which remains a key focus for G2. We’re super excited to be doing everything the G2 way, where we put together the best rosters, with the best talent on the biggest stages, for the G2 Army.”

We can’t wait to have another team under the G2 banner, and can’t wait to give the Rocket League fans another reason to have heart attacks cheer.

Last but not least, a special shoutout to our long-standing partner AGON by AOC. It’s been many moons since we joined forces back in January 2018. Without the continued support and trust from brands like AGON by AOC we would not be able to push the boundaries of esports ever further. As a new adventure awaits for Luna, we can count on their support to provide us with the equipment required to perform at the highest level. But no matter where you are on your personal gaming journey, AGON by AOC has a monitor solution to fit your needs.