We Built a VALORANT Super Team

We Built a VALORANT Super Team

After winning 2/3 Game Changer events, we checked with RIOT whether we could 2v5 Split 1 to give other teams a chance, they said no. 


Unfortunately for other teams, we have made Gozen even stronger for 2024, completing our roster with 3 new superstars. Our roster for 2024 is; 


Petra “Petra” Stoker 

Michaela “mimi” Lintrup

Amy “Amy” Lai

Aleyna "Vania" Keskin

Eda "rezq" Akçocuk 


Vania: "I am very happy to join a professional and successful team like G2, as Omen said, 'I will break the balance.' The G2 GOZEN 2024 roster will be very different, we are coming for the world championship!"


Amy: "Time to win trophies."


With these changes, roxi has been moved to the bench. It’s time to remind everyone what Gozen can do in 2024 and take back our crown as the champions of GC.


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