Rainbow Six Siege Roster Update

Rainbow Six Siege Roster Update

As our Rainbow Six Siege team begins preparations for their Six Invitational campaign in Montreal, we wish to announce a change to our roster. Effective immediately, we are moving Pascal ‘Cryn’ Alouane to our bench and welcoming Ferenc ‘SirBoss’ Mérész to the team as a stand-in, as he joins us on loan from now until the end of the Six Invitational. 

With a storied roster like ours that has enjoyed such great success in Rainbow Six Siege, there are incredibly high expectations set by the players themselves, and our support and management team. This is particularly the case for a prestigious tournament as the Six Invitational - one in which we are returning as the defending champions. Though our performance in recent months has not met our high expectations, we are still as determined as ever to return to dominant form and retain the Six Invitational for another successive year. 

It is with this goal that we have made this tough but necessary decision. Cryn has been a fantastic teammate outside of the server, but regrettably, his performance in the server has not matched either our expectations or his own. We wish to ensure that our team has the best possible chance of success at the Six Invitational and, following thorough discussions, have determined this is a necessary move ahead of the tournament. SirBoss will play with the team for now through the Six Invitational, including our Pro League Match tonight against Team Empire. Following the Six Invitational, we will be re-evaluating the situation.

Discussing the roster change, Coach Thomas ‘Shas’ Lee said: 

“It's unfortunate that we have reached this decision, but we feel it's a necessary one given the calibre of competition at SI-2020. Our original vision for Cryn in the team was a Semi-Flex, Semi-Entry role pushed our playstyle to be proactive and aggressive. Unfortunately, this role distribution wasn't providing adequate results, so we shifted to a more traditional role.

While improving our performance, this pushed Cryn out of his comfort zone and wasn't providing the consistent performance and results we hold ourselves to. As such, we decided to make this change and opt for a dedicated support player with proven LAN experience. SirBoss is a player that has the respect of the players and the support staff and we look forward to playing with him.”

Our team will be bootcamping at our headquarters in Berlin before beginning their journey to Montreal and lifting the Six Invitational Trophy once again. We look forward to doing the #G2ARMY proud and thank you as always for your love and support.

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