EUROPE IS OURS: LEC Spring Split 2019 Champions

EUROPE IS OURS: LEC Spring Split 2019 Champions

Last weekend, we made history. Our League of Legends team once again proved that they are the best Europe has to offer, and the best hope to represent the region internationally. Sunday’s LEC Final marked an important milestone: G2 Esports’ 5th European title, taken in the same AHOY Arena in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where, 3 years ago, G2 won its first ever LCS title.

After sweeping Origen 3-0 in playoffs, we faced them a second time in the final after they managed to beat Worlds finalists FNATIC in an impressive 4-1 semifinal. Once again we brought Origen down in another 3-0 sweep, and managed to set some groundbreaking records in the process. The final was, at 74:32 minutes, the fastest win of all time in EU history. Our final game ended after just 18:31 minutes, the fastest game ever played in European competitive League of Legends. With our creative drafts of Sona and Taric in bot lane, a funnel composition, and a beautiful Neeko bot in game 3, we left no chance for Origen to adapt to our style of play.

Winning this title marked a special and personal milestone for Perkz. He was part of the G2 roster that won that first EULCS title back in 2016, and now he can proudly say, not only that he is capable of winning a title as a midlaner and an ADC, but that, with 5 titles, he has the most EU titles under his belt alongside YellOwStaR and sOAZ.

Moreover, this was the first ever European title for 3 of our players, Mikyx, Jankos and Wunder, alongside our coach GrabbZ and the first title with G2 for Caps. For everyone in the team, this trophy marks an unforgettable and defining moment in their careers. For G2 Esports, this trophy further paves the way to a greater dynasty of winning it all.

With such a dominating display, it’s no wonder that not only are we being touted as the most dominant team Europe has ever produced, but excitement and expectations are high for our international matches at MSI. There we will be facing up against the best teams from around the world, such as T1 (formerly SKT T1) from Korea, Team Liquid from North America, either IG, or JDG from China, and more!

The hype of our team’s performance was only made stronger by our presence at the G2 booth in the Rotterdam Ahoy Arena throughout the weekend. The G2 booth was packed with fans from all around the world, who got to take on Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez in a 1v1 for some prizes. We hosted a Q&A with Caps, Perkz and Jankos, and fans got to meet the boys, take photos, and left our booth with some amazing G2 posters and stickers. We also counted with caster Xsodus, who spent the whole weekend casting the 1v1 tournaments at our booth and G2 staff who was present all weekend and had a ton of great conversations with fans, allowing them to know G2 better.

From everyone at G2 Esports, a huge congratulations to Perkz, Caps, Jankos, Wunder and Mikyx, as well as to G2 Head Coach GrabbZ, our substitute player promisq, Head Analyst Duffman and Team Manager Mitch Voorspoels for the incredible win this weekend. Europe is ours, now onto the MSI!