As you all know, pizza plays an important role in our League of Legends game day preparations -  after all, it is greater than yoga for ensuring optimal performance! To ensure that #G2Delivers the most optimal performance at the League of Legends World Championship, we are proud to announce that we will be partnering with Domino’s for entertainment, activities and events throughout our World Championship run. 

With our #G2Delivers campaign, we’re bringing the heat to the Berlin Group stage and beyond. Not only will we add some cheesy fun to our social media, but we’ll be hosting several events in Berlin and in conjunction with the German League of Legends community. Our very first event kicks off on October 18th at our Headquarters in Berlin, where we will host a viewing party for our final day in the World Championship Group Stage. With FREE pizza, goodies, games, contests, and much, much more, there’ll be many slices of goodness for all to enjoy. Best of all, it is open to EVERYONE, so be sure to RSVP to reserve your spot. 

We’ll have many more exciting details to share over the coming days and weeks, including some famous faces joining in on the fun and a scavenger hunt to win incredible prizes! Be sure to stay tuned to G2 Esports’ and Domino’s social media for all of the news and information!