G2 Rocket League Update: Welcome, Chicago!

G2 Rocket League Update: Welcome, Chicago!

Happy New Year to all of the #G2ARMY and the Rocket League community, we’ve got some news to share! G2 as an organization has always been known for its solid rosters, exceptional performance, and the ambition to win. For our Rocket League team, despite a great showing in 2017, that did not translate into success in 2018. Even with one of the strongest rosters in game we were unable to claim victory at LANs. It was always our goal to come out victorious at the World Championships and RLCS Finals but in the end we did not meet our objectives.

Our line-up consisting of Jacob ‘JKnaps’ Knapman, Dillon ‘Rizzo’ Rizzo, and captain Cameron ‘Kronovi’ Bills has been together for almost two years. They’ve had a ton of magic and chemistry since they started playing together, but now  we feel it’s time to add a dash of fresh energy. As a result, Kronovi will be stepping down from his captain role and Reed ‘Chicago’ Wilen, previously from Evil Geniuses, will be on our starting roster.

This decision wasn’t made easily as Kronovi has always been a focal point of our team and its founding member. He’s an exemplary professional and was a strong and vocal captain during his time leading the team. With Chicago joining the roster we’re expecting to add even more hunger for the win. The 17-year-old North American striker brings an ambitious attitude and has been showcasing his great skills on EG in the last couple of months.

Chicago himself is excited about the move and can’t wait to show the G2 fans his plays:

“G2 Esports is an iconic organization in Rocket League’s history, so being able to join it alongside Rizzo and JKnaps is a dream come true for me and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. My goal for this team is to win any sort of LAN event because I have never been able to do so and it has always been my number one goal in Rocket League.”

G2 Esports Head of Team Operations Danny Engels commented on the roster change:

“We are very excited to welcome such a young and talented player as Chicago to our team. From his recent success, we believe that Chicago will rapidly develop as a unique player by learning from his new teammates and working with the G2 brand. The new Rocket League season is just around the corner and we want to make it as successful as possible. We know that bringing change to a well established team is always tough, but we deemed it necessary to achieve competitive success. We believe in the power of Chicago’s skill and energy.

G2 Esports is more than thankful to Kronovi for everything he has achieved during his time with our organisation. We wish him the best of luck moving forward and we'll surely enjoy the battles against him in the arenas. The Rocket League community is like a big family and Kronovi will always be a valuable part of our history and a legendary player who shaped the game.”

More about Chicago

Rocket League enthusiasts will know Chicago’s name from his previous endeavours with teams Dignitas and Evil Geniuses. The latter he joined out of desire to finally compete in the big leagues, to be present in the RLCS which has been his dream before, and ultimately get to Worlds. In 2019, he doesn’t only want to achieve those goals, he wants to win it all. Want to know more about Chicago? The striker likes baseball, shoes, and streetwear.

You can follow him on Twitter and don’t miss out on his YouTube channel and Twitch streams!