We are excited to announce that a year since our initial partnership, Seasonic will become the official sponsor of G2 Esports’ male and female Valorant teams.

Our partnership with Seasonic started just last year, and they have since then been powering our teams with elite PC power supplies that have led us to victory time and time again. They have somehow managed to make our teams ever more powerful than they were before, and it won’t be stopping any time soon. For 20G2, Seasonic will stay onboard the G2 hype train as the official sponsor for our Valorant teams and power our efforts to seek out the very best talent. 

"Seasonic is the kind of partner that every company wants to have by their side,” said Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez, “We're proud to call them partners and wish nothing but to work with them for many more years.”

Seasonic will also be featured in our future banger content and memes, so expect a constant and unstoppable stream of powered up memes.

We are thrilled to be powering into 20G2 with Seasonic and hope you’re ready for all the incoming content.