G2 Esports Welcomes Oakley as Exclusive Eyewear Partner

G2 Esports Welcomes Oakley as Exclusive Eyewear Partner

G2 Esports has officially partnered with the premier eyewear brand, Oakley. Oakley will be the exclusive eyewear provider for all G2 rosters. Together we aim to change the way we look at (and through) glasses in gaming.

Long gone are the days of missing that critical shot by half a pixel due to poor, or even just tired, vision. With the help of the experts at Oakley, every G2 player will have their eyes taken care of.


Irina Shames, Chief Revenue Officer at G2 Esports, comments:

“Oakley is as prestigious as it gets with eyewear and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them”, she then added. “This is more than just a partnership – sharing inputs and helping develop some of the best eyewear in the industry. Every inch of precision is important in peak performance and we look forward to offering this to our talents alongside Oakley.”

Corey Hill, Oakley Head of Global Sports Marketing said:

“Since Oakley introduced its first eyewear ‘NXTLVL’ designed specifically for gaming, we’ve gone further in signifying a long term commitment to deliver high-performing products and experiences for gamers around the world. As one of the world’s most respected names in the industry, G2 is a best-in-class partner who shares our continued goal of supporting and enabling all gamers and fans to push for progress, all while welcoming even more people into the gaming world.”