G2 Esports Welcomes Hafu

G2 Esports Welcomes Hafu

G2ARMY raise your pingus to welcome our newest streamer Hafu! She joins our ever-growing roster of stellar streamers and content creators.

Rumay ‘Hafu’ Wang is a veteran streamer and competitive player who started gaming in highschool with her friends. She’s well known for her time as a World of Warcraft Pro, excellence in Hearthstone and ranked TFT dominance. She earned the honor of ending the TFT beta with the highest MMR ranking in the world. With her mind for strategy and fantastic personality, we know Hafu will fit right into the ranks of G2.

No longer focusing on competition Hafu still works hard to be among the best of any game she plays. It shows in her streams which are both educational about game strategy and highly entertaining. We are honored to have her join the G2 family and share her knowledge and passion with our fans.

Hafu is looking forward to introducing her community to the G2 family saying: “I’m super excited to be joining G2 and doing the team proud! For the next year, I just want to do what I love, which is to stream, hang out with chat and constantly improve in Teamfight Tactics with G2 beside me the whole time.”

Everyone at G2 Esports is excited to have Hafu on board with us including CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez who said:

“Hafu joins G2 with an amazing legacy of top-level play in so many games like TFT, and Hearthstone. Even cooler is that we both got our start in esports through World of Warcraft, so I couldn’t be happier to have her join G2 Esports. I know many of the #G2ARMY are already her fans and am certain that she will entertain and educate all of us on what it is to be at the top of the TFT ladder. I have no doubt she’ll teach me a thing or two about TFT.”

Follow Hafu and catch her regular streams on Twitch! You can also follow her on social media, here is her Twitter & Instagram!