G2 Esports Triple Roster Renewal

G2 Esports Triple Roster Renewal

What's better than a new player announcement? An announcement that your favorite players aren't going anywhere!

Our League of Legends, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Rocket League teams have all renewed their commitment to G2 and the #G2ARMY through to 2022 and beyond. Yes, every single player has re-signed.

In the LEC, G2 was the only organization to not have any off-season roster changes - why mess with perfection. The players feel the same. All members of the reigning three-time LEC championship roster of Perkz, Caps, Wunder, Jankos, and Mikyx, as well as their coaching staff, GrabbZ and Duffman have their sights set on the World Championship, and there’s no other roster that compares to the one we have built to bring home the trophy.

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports had this to say about the renewals,

“We feel an incredible sense of pride each time partners, players, and fans decide to stick with us through the years. Our League of Legends, Rainbow 6, and Rocket League teams are sought after by organizations from North America, Europe, China, and SEA alike. Renewing their agreements with us underlines how great of a relationship we have with them and it certainly gives us that same feeling of pride. We hope to continue to make our players, partners, and fans happy throughout the years. Keep sticking with us, as we’ll keep delivering. Much love.”

Our Rocket League team cemented their place at the top of the North American Rocket League this spring with a dominating performance against rivals NRG in the Grand Finals. This is the same roster that took second at Worlds 2019. The guys love playing together, the new circuit, RLCS X, sees three splits followed by the Rocket League World Championship in early 2021.  These guys are geared up and ready for action this August when the new circuit begins and intend on sticking it out to conquer Worlds together.

Here’s what our Rocket League player Reed ‘Chicago’ Wilen had to say about the news: “We are super excited to be continuing our journey with G2 and see what the new RLCS season has in store for the future of Rocket League. I know our summer performances haven't been what you guys have expected, but just know we are scarred from what happened in season 8. That's why in the next couple weeks the team is heading back to the house to fully restart the grind and regain our spot as one of the best. #G2ARMY”

Earlier this year we shared that Ben ‘CTZN’ McMillan and Jake ‘Virtue’ Grannan would be joining the R6 roster to create a team that can’t be rivaled. Their synergy so far has been incredible but is yet to illustrate the skill ceiling of this superteam; who are ready to lift hammers in the future. They are already comfortable enough to decide to play together for the long term.

All of our players recognize the huge potential of this roster are committed to finding long term success. Led by Pengu, Kantoraketti, UUNO, CTZN, and Virtue look to continue their strong run in the European League with an eye towards taking their next global title.

Danny Engels, G2 Esports Head of Esports Operations commented on the triple renewal:

“Our teams are performing incredibly well and we are extremely proud to manifest long-term visions together with our players. While we truly believe in our League of Legends team’s capability to bring home the Summoner’s Cup our Rocket League team has done us proud with their back-to-back North American Championship titles earlier this year. We are foreseeing the same success story with our newly formed Rainbow Six Siege lineup. A lineup that certainly took the community by surprise, but therefore we are even more proud to announce that the players fully believe in each other and are ready to fight for the World Championship title in 2021.”   

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