Welcome LeTsHe to G2

Welcome LeTsHe to G2

Today we’re happy to welcome Kevin ‘LeTsHe’ Fedjuschkin to our Fortnite roster. With consistently high placements across different tournaments, and a World Cup Finals appearance in 2019, LeTsHe has proven to be one of the best players in Europe.

The 17-year-old has German and Russian roots, and proved he is able to play with mouse and keyboard as well as controller. LeTsHe was part of the Solo World Cup in 2019 and is considered to be one of the very best players in Europe. With this signing, we’re looking to expand our competitive Fortnite presence to Europe after already making moves in North America with our latest addition G2 Coop.


LeTsHe had this to say about joining G2:

“I’m super excited to join such a huge organisation as G2. I love their character and can’t wait to show some great things together! With me representing G2 in Fortnite I am confident I can show everyone why G2 is feared in every other game they are in.”

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez - CEO of G2 Esports had this to say about the signing:

“We are ramping up our G2 presence in Fortnite and we're sure we’ll make a big splash together with LeTsHe. He’s loved in Germany, all across the EU and known in NA! First with Coop in North America, and now with LeTsHe in Europe, we are proving to the world that, like in every other esport, we are here to win.”

Alongside LeTsHe, Hennes “Cookie” Heijmans was signed as our new Fortnite Manager. By bringing Cookie on board, we’re looking to provide an environment where all our Fortnite players can grow and succeed. Cookie is looking forward to bringing even more success to G2:

“I'm happy to join G2 Esports, because it's a world-class organisation and a good choice for a long-term relationship. To work with a talented staff-team and players is a dream. G2 made a great move moving forward with LeTsHe in the Fortnite scene, having him on board is a great foundation to start with, alongside with Coop and Tohaj. All I can say for now is that there are interesting times coming for not only G2, but the whole Fortnite community as well. Big plans are made for the future.”

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