Welcome G2 OGRE1

Welcome G2 OGRE1

Today we are excited to announce Dan “OGRE1” Ryan will be joining G2 Halo as team manager!

The current G2 Halo roster is currently built around some of the most well known Halo players in recent history composed of the best modern-day talent we could hope to find, but it's time for us to really dig into the history of Halo esports and revive a beast that still has more to prove.

We are beyond excited to bring on one of the most legendary competitors in esports history.
Welcome Dan “OGRE1” Ryan to G2 Halo as our new team manager.

With a career 32 LAN wins and a recorded streak of 40 consecutive Top 2 finishes, not only is he a seasoned winner, but he’ll also feel at home in G2nd place.

Dan’s knowledge of the game and the scene itself will allow us to reach new levels of success in #20G2.

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