Thank You, Legend | Farewell shox

Thank You, Legend | Farewell shox

After over three years with G2, today we bid a fond adieu to shox.

An iconic member of French Counter-Strike and a legend in his own right, shox joined G2 in 2016 to build a handpicked French-speaking lineup. With his flashy plays and heart-stopping clutches, Richard brought a unique all-around play style and charm to our organization. Along with his competitive contributions, he cultivated a dedicated fan base fit for a Counter-Strike icon such as himself. 

shox saw his project through multiple iterations, but never abandoned his vision, showing a determination to succeed and to be the best. Under Richard’s leadership, G2 secured top finishes at multiple tournaments, including ECS Championship Season 1, ESL Pro League Season 5, DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017, WESG 2018, ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals and Good Game League 2019.

Looking back on his tenure, shox had this to say about his time with G2, 

“It’s been almost four years already… a player’s career is made up of highs and lows,  indescribable joy and deep despair. In the nearly four years that I’ve spent with G2, I’ve experienced all these emotions. The road was never easy, the teammates I had along the way numerous, and I won’t forget any of them. I may not have always made the right decisions, not received the support I’d hoped for, but I’ve always been guided by the same principle - my love for this game and the vision I have for it. Thank you to everyone that has followed and believed in me, and even to those who didn’t, but followed me anyways. 

Lastly, a huge thank you to G2 for the trust they put in me for all these years and to the fans of the #G2ARMY for their support! Best of luck going forward!”

Reflecting on their time together Jérôme “NiaK” Sudries, our long-time team manager and friend of shox says,

“With Richard’s departure, we are closing a chapter to a book that retraces G2’s adventures in Counter-Strike since we joined the team in 2016. This book contains many chapters and multiple twists that would make a great novel if it were to be published. I will only take the positives from these last four years, despite our limited success. We faced many challenges, from which the experience gained is worth more than its weight in gold.

shox has always been a genius of CS, a genius who always had a hard time finding his place in a system built to last. Throughout these past four years, I’ve seen him grow and evolve, and I am convinced that today, he has a much better understanding of himself and the needs of a team than when we began our time together. 

Richard, I want to thank you for having been an engaged and passionate artisan in this project. I know that you poured your heart and soul into it, and it is beyond debate that you were a critical link in the chain throughout this saga. From everyone in the organization and the team, I wish you the best for the future, even if you can count on us to make your life difficult on the server ;)”

While shox’s hard work and contributions were unparalleled, we have decided to mutually part ways to allow him to pursue other opportunities within professional CS:GO. 

Merci, shox, for all that you’ve brought to the G2 organization. Your legacy at G2 and what you have accomplished under our banner will never be forgotten. We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!