G2 x Streamcoi Partnership

G2 x Streamcoi Partnership

G2 Esports first partnered with Streamcoi because we saw that they were building a solutions-based product that would help innovate and move the industry forward. Their automated streamer management platform is something we were able to immediately put to use and feedback on while working to improve the stream quality of our creators and partners.

From those early days of testing in 2020, to being one of their first customers, to working alongside them to continually improve their tool over time, Streamcoi have been an incredible partner. This is why we want to take a moment to recognize some of our shared achievements. 

Streamcoi has enabled G2 to automate the process of partner content distribution across all 60 content creators and professional players' Twitch channels. When a new member joins the team, all that’s required is a quick, one-time setup. The innovative software allows also G2 to monitor and measure important stream statistics in real-time, across multiple channels simultaneously, allowing our players and creators to focus on the things that matter most, the game and their community. Streamcoi’s platform has also allowed us to more effectively promote merch drops and help our viewers effortlessly arrive at the G2 Shop.

Pedro Palma, Sr. Events Manager at G2 comments: “Streamcoi has allowed us to automate and air live campaigns on creators channels throughout 2022 without putting any burden on the creators themselves. Having a single hub for overlay hosting and managing the channels of all our creators has had an incredibly positive impact on our ability to stay organized and hit tight deadlines.”

Jakub Janaszek, Product Lead at Streamcoi: “G2 Esports is a 60-strong influencer network and managing them in a manual, traditional way is not only time-consuming but also inefficient. I am proud that our Streamcoi technology can increase the value brought to G2's partners, automate their operations in innovative ways and minimize the work of that many Twitch streamers and proplayers.”

Learn more about G2 Esports and Streamcoi partnership in the case study: https://streamcoi.com/case-studies/how-g2-esports-uses-streamcoi-to-help-support-its-streamer-business.