G2 VALORANT Team Partner with Aim Lab

G2 VALORANT Team Partner with Aim Lab

G2 Esports is partnering up with Aim Lab to propel our VALORANT team towards being the #1 team in the world! With Aim Lab joining the #G2ARMY, we are excited to showcase the benefits of using their skill training platform to our fans, so they can see for themselves why we are excited for this collaboration. 

We truly believe that with Aim Lab’s customisable training scenarios, powerful analytics, and user friendly training, our team can refine their skills, maintain their dominant performance, and secure their top spot for many years to come.

Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports had this to say about our new partner 

"I’ve always been confident about my precision and skill but I have to admit that Aim Lab exposed that I have still not reached my peak. G2 is all about winning and if I’m ever to be considered a VALORANT pro, I need to land those headshots. I'm sure that with my current Aim Lab training routine, I’m not losing another showmatch ever. Same goes for our team. They are already insane and on their way to becoming world champions, I’m sure that with Aim Lab, we can continue challenging ourselves and always stay on top. I'm extremely excited to work together with Aim Lab and their engineers as we pave our way to the greatest success in VALORANT history!"

One of the key reasons for choosing to work with Aim Lab is their willingness to adapt their services to the needs and feedback of both our players and the community. Our players will be actively working with the development team to optimise and create features tailor made for the best.

Taking this partnership to the next level, we are ecstatic to present to our community the Aim Lab Academy course launching later this year, made in collaboration with the G2 Valorant team. Enhanced with the insights of some of the best players in the world, any player in our community can gain the skills to rival our pros and, perhaps, one day be scouted into the G2 team. 

With Aim Lab as our partner, we offer all players the key to become challengers and fight for that world championship spot.  Most importantly, we can’t wait to show the results of Aim Lab to you in the server. Be sure to keep up with the latest from our VALORANT team and everything G2 Esports on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch.

Aim Lab is a personalized FPS training solution built by a team of neuroscientists at Statespace. Still in beta, Aim Lab blends AI and analytics to deliver insights and training programs to help players maximize their performance. Download Aim Lab for free on Steam and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.