G2 Esports and AOC Continue to Stay Strong Together

G2 Esports and AOC Continue to Stay Strong Together

We are happy to announce that we are continuing our journey with AOC as our official monitor partner. We are on a quest to bring crisp and clean viewing experiences to gamers across the globe. 

Both of our brands have grown massively since we began our partnership and have worked to reach esports fans across the world. Together, we launched the G2 Esports Signature Edition AOC monitor, a beautiful take on the AOC G2590PX. At major esports events around the world, fans played like the pros in 1v1s on AOC monitors. while G2 teams and talent have honed their skills training on the flagship AOC Agon AG251FZ 240Hz monitor. Our staff and racing team fully enjoyed the thrill of the road in our custom racing rigs topped with the AOC Curved AG352UCG6.

In the future, fans can look forward to the spiciest of G2 memes and hottest content produced on and for AOC monitors. We'll take those memes to new regions as we work with AOC to expand the #G2ARMY across the globe, including China. The next two years will bring more of everything great from 2018 and 2019, including new products that our players will help fine-tune specifically for gaming and esports fans. 

“We are thrilled to continue supporting such an outstanding organisation,” says Stefan Sommer, Director of Marketing & Business Management at AOC International Europe.

“This sponsorship has inspired and helped us identify what pro players really need from their monitor, meaning we can provide the newest innovations to this exceptional team. We’re excited to see what the future holds as well as build on what we’ve already achieved together.” 

G2 Esports CEO and legendary player, Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, had this to say on the partnership,  

“The best players in the world must practice on the best equipment, so I am very happy we are continuing our partnership with AOC. I know our players will be happy to continue to train using the monitors and I hope the #G2ARMY will continue to support AOC. One of our most important goals is to make brand partnerships look and feel cool and fun. This is no different. We'll make sure you enjoy what's to come in terms of content and activations.”

Of course, one can never have too many monitors. In preparation for this announcement, Carlos went to great lengths to ensure the G2 Headquarters is adequately prepared for our bootcamping and staff needs in the years to come: 

Alright @CarlosR, that's enough monitors

We are proud to continue our journey with @AOC_Gaming as our official monitor partner! pic.twitter.com/qrodMQjaJE

— G2 Esports (@G2esports) December 18, 2019

Keep your eyes on the G2 Esports and AOC social media channels for updates and check out AOC’s #AimOwnChristmas campaign for some awesome holiday prizes. 

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