Jakub Szygulski

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Age 37 Nationality Poland Role Creator Games Creators

Lothars Bio

Lothar is a true jack of all trades. He has worked behind the scenes, competed professionally, casted and hosted tournaments for EA, Riot, Blizzard and many others, and 2019 began streaming full time. After Hearthstone launched ,he quickly became a community figure as he was performing well in tournaments and his stream was a blast to watch. Being the true competitor that he is, Lothar has gone on to compete and stream in a variety of titles including Fortnite, PUBG, and Teamfight Tactics.

Currently, Lothar is on the VALORANT grind and you can find him on Twitch or in queue on the climb to Radiant.

Lothar wants to say something

G2 is my family. I joined G2 when it was still Gamers2 and put my heart and soul into building the brand alongside other members of the organisation. It is a very unique feeling to know you had a part in building such a massive movement. It excites me still after all these years. I am thrilled to bring that excitement to my streams and help build my following and G2's.