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As we invite you to join us in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), we want to share more info about our plans with this incredible blockchain technology and our focus on long-term sustainability.

Here at G2 Esports, we have watched and marvelled at the NFT space over the past few months. We have seen their potential in creating unique experiences and prized collectibles. Most importantly, we love how they provide you, our beloved fans, an opportunity to own part of our G2 journey. As we’re a digital-first organization, there is so much we can and want to do with NFTs. Our partner Bondly has already created some amazing NFTs and we together are excited for what we can create for you!


Art, video, music, digital items… The possibilities are endless with NFTs and we will explore them to the fullest. With each drop, our goal is to ensure our NFTs are not only visually appealing, but also provide exclusive experiences. In the long-term, we want them to not only be an incredible collectible to own, but to also grant you something truly unique. Owning a G2 NFT should give you unparalleled access to and ownership of our journey and that’s exactly what we want to give each NFT holder.

As we move closer to our first launch on June 30th, we will have more to share with about our first and future drops. We also know not everyone is fully aware of NFTs or their amazing potential, so we will be creating information and content to help you explain the technology and to join us on this journey. Don’t worry – if Carlos can understand it, anyone can! 


We want to also address some of the key topics and discussions surrounding NFTs, and our position on them. 


We’ve explored the space and the different options available to us to ensure we are doing everything we can to reduce our ecological footprint and impact. From our learnings, we have decided to use the Polygon Blockchain, which uses Proof of Stake to forge each block. Don’t worry; we’ll explain what ALL of this means in the coming weeks. As a quick note though, Polygon technology (based on Proof of Stake) when validating an action on its blockchain consume approximately 0.00079TWh of electricity per year. Basic Proof of work technology when validating an action on their blockchain can consume between 35 to 140 TWh.

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Long story short, our NFTs will be consuming a minuscule fraction of energy and processing power compared to Proof of Work algorithms. Also, we’ll be continuously evaluating developments for better ways to reduce our environmental impact. Ultimately, we want to use the best options at our disposal to minimize this impact while providing the greatest NFTs to our community!


Another concern we often hear is parties investing or creating NFTs for the wrong reasons – creating NFTs without understanding them or creating a truly unique experience for fans and owners. Here at G2, our focus is on providing a unique experience and collectible. By owning a G2 NFT, you will own part of G2’s journey, literally, and it’s going to be an ongoing journey. Our current plan is to have four NFT drops this year, each one providing something stand-out and exceptional. Plus, we want to ensure that it’s something you will value and enjoy exclusive rewards through, whether you choose to keep and use it, or to sell/trade it! It is our goal that any and all NFTs we release grow in value over time through connecting them with long-term benefits that hold intrinsic value.


As we have said many times, our goal through NFTs is to provide something truly unique for owners. However, it’s also about giving back to the G2ARMY! We want to ensure that you can join us in this space and enjoy this innovative technology. 

That’s why, though we’ve been reviewing the space for some time, we’re not rushing into things. It is also the reason we are releasing our first NFT for free, giving you the chance to see the appeal and magic of NFTs, to educate yourself on the topic and to join the world of NFTs, all without putting yourself at risk. It’s also why we’ve partnered with Bondly, who are at the forefront of NFTs and have a proven track record of creating unique and incredible NFT experiences. And finally, It’s also why we are announcing our partnership ahead of our launch – to give you, our fans, the chance to join the conversation with us and to share your thoughts on where we should go in this space.

So, we want to hear YOUR thoughts! What do you think we should do with NFTs? We want you to join us on this journey, and to help shape our plans and our NFTs. Be sure to join our Discord so you can take part in the conversation and share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback. 


With our upcoming launch on June 30th, we’ll be providing even more information on first drop and also on NFTs, so be sure to check the website regularly, sign up for our newsletter and also to join the conversation on Discord. We can’t wait for our first drop and to have you own our NFT journey!