Our Achievements.

Since 2015, from League of Legends to iRacing, our teams have won hundreds of awards and we’re not stopping there! Check out all of our conquests and relive the moments below!

1stApril 23, 2020LEC Spring 2019
1stApril 23, 2020ASTRONAUTS Star Circuit S1
1stApril 23, 2020RLCS Season 9
2ndApril 23, 2020DreamHack Pro Circuit
2ndApril 23, 2020RLCS World Championship Season 7
3rdApril 23, 2020RLCS Season 7
2ndApril 23, 2020Intel Extreme Masters XIV
2ndApril 23, 2020Pro League Season 11
1stApril 23, 2020Champions Cup Finals
3rdApril 23, 2020Pro League Season 10
1stApril 23, 2020cs_summit5
2ndApril 23, 2020Six Major Raleigh