Back-to-Back-to-Back LEC Champions

Apr 20, 2020


Back-to-back-to-back European Champions! The perfect way to end the LEC Spring Split. Despite having to play the Final from the comfort of the gaming house, our victory this past weekend was still immense as our boys lifted their 3rd LEC title and historic seventh European title for G2 Esports. 

After finishing the regular season as first seed, we found ourselves on the other side of the underdog story as MAD Lions took the first series of the playoffs in a close and bloody 2-3 series. Luckily, we took this new lower bracket experience to its limit as we cleaned up our play for the week after, taking down Origen 3-1, with Caps earning his very first ADC pentakill in the LEC.

We then had our chance at a spot in the finals on Sunday with a rematch against MAD Lions. Caps was quick to disprove the doubters as he styled on the rookies with marksmen like Vayne and Kalista, even taking Player of the Series. We outplayed in the many, many teamfights and took the series 3-1 to face off against our perennial rivals Fnatic in the finals.

After a dominating playoffs performance from Fnatic, most expected a close series between the two best teams in Europe. Instead, we reminded everyone why we’re the “Kings of Europe” and one of the best teams in the world. Using calculated aggression and outplays, our boys put pressure on Fnatic across the map, taking towers and names as they fought to the enemy nexus. With Mikyx taking a well-deserved Player of the Series for his enchanter supports, we took down Fnatic in a clean 3-0 series and raised the trophy as the undisputed kings of Europe.

Congratulations to our players Wunder, Perkz, Caps, Mikyx, and back to back LEC Split MVP, Jankos, as well as our support staff GrabbZ, Duffman, AngelArcher, Noodlez, and IzpAH. We’re proud of their tireless efforts to maintain our legacy of excellence in these unique circumstances.

We’re grateful for the support of the #G2ARMY throughout this split and playoffs, and we hope you continue to cheer us on as we return for the MSI trophy. Be sure to follow our journey on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch.

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