G2 Esports Partners With Esports Charts to Access Stream Viewership Data

Apr 14, 2020


G2 Esports is delighted to announce its partnership with one of the leading analytical agencies in the esports market, Esports Charts.

“G2 Esports is consistently one of the most viewed esports organizations and one of the most popular esports brands online. We rely on data to drive our business decisions so Esports Charts will be an integral partner in providing accurate and reliable viewership metrics. From analyzing audience trends to giving us the data we need to keep the #G2ARMY entertained, we are excited to access information that will enlarge our impact and attract even more fans,” said Lukasz Zolynia, Partnerships Manager at G2 Esports.

As a part of the partnership, Esports Charts will provide overall and detailed analytics of G2 Esports teams’ activities and up-to-date statistics from the esports market. Both companies are planning to develop this cooperation and establish a long-term partnership.

“G2 Esports is a successful team and a great example of building a media empire. Popular, successful, attractive!” – says Ivan Danishevskyi, Esports Charts founder. “This is a very demanding but great task in which experience and data are very important. Our partnership will allow G2 Esports to operate its current and historical data and analytics, which will certainly become a great tool to increase the value of the brand and sponsors appeal on a daily basis.”

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Esports Charts Esports Charts is the multi-sense big data-mining and analytical agency for esports, traditional sports and entertainment. The agency collects, researches, processes and analyzes data and statistics of live tournaments, real-time in-game events, players’/teams’ performance, and even spectator reactions and emotional contexts. Esports Charts’ statistics makes esports more honest and clear, and helps sponsors, organizers and viewers to find out the degree of popularity of any broadcast and esports event. escharts.com

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